Soziologie der Moderne. Freiheit und Disziplin. Peter Wagner

ISBN: 9783593353937

Published: January 1st 1995


312 pages


Soziologie der Moderne. Freiheit und Disziplin.  by  Peter Wagner

Soziologie der Moderne. Freiheit und Disziplin. by Peter Wagner
January 1st 1995 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 312 pages | ISBN: 9783593353937 | 3.50 Mb

A very good book to trace the meaning of modernity, different phases of modernity, crisis of modernity and ultimately the question whether there is any need for reorganizing modernity or possibility of postmodernity.A very lucid description of phases of modernity has been offered in this book. A brief overview is given below.Modernity is about freedom and rationality but at the same time it need to be disciplinized.The first phase being the restricted liberal modernity where there was freedom for carving ones identity however that freedom was limited to only bourgeois class.

with the mobilization of people those boundaries were overcome, it was called first crisis of modernity. More people started getting membership of modernity and became a mass society however again with the inclusion of masses there arose the need for managebility which again led to organizing social practices of creating identity within the boundaries of ,say, nation, class etc. This was called Organized modernity. This organized modernity phase was characterized by the introduction of conventions, standardization, institutionalization to bring stability and certainty in lives and society.

however this phase was not to continue for long and came the second crisis of modernity where these conventions and boundaries were broken and individuals were endowed with more autonomy to construct their identities. This called for the emergence of postmodernity where de-conventionalization, de-standardization was the norm.

It was characterized by uncertainty, creativity, leisure, probing yet another reality, this did not spell an end of modernity rather a different path set for modernity.

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